Treasure of the Black Dragon

XP = 10% of next level for posts

XP = 10% of next level for posts

Any player that posts adds to the recap of the last gaming session will receive 10% of the XP they need for the next level at the beginning of the next session. Rewards will also be given for updating character profiles, adding NPC’s, and posting items.

9th-8th = 12,000 xp

12,000*0.10 = 1200 xp 

Vampires longing for spawn
The party encounters a vampire longing for spawn

    As the party continues their search for the nine tablets of the black dragon treasure, then find themselves in the town of longsaddle. After consulting thier magical dagger, they were led to a mansion.


    After arriving at the mansion the party planned out their next moves.  Realizing the lack of social skills we pushed the beguiler, Guy, forward.  After knocking on the door, he promptly asked to see their tapistries.  After realizing our beguiler is not the talking type.  We asked to speak to the mistress of the house.  She served us dinner, of which I ate little (those other guys can get poisoned).  After much talk we were asked to retrieve the body of her dead daughter.  Sounded pretty easy, so we go and knock out some guards and headed down into the crypt where the girl's body was.  Turns out there was this undead thingy.  I'm not sure what, I mean I'm a military man, they didnt' teach us about things getting back up after you kill them.  Glad that never happened in the field.  Hmmm, that could be pretty handy for me though, I'll have to talk to a few people.  Anyway, I digress, we rekill it I suppose and take the girl's body to the predetermined meeting spot and then go get our stone.  Good night's work.  I fought, we won, and now we're stoned.  Turns out she had another one too.  So it was even better, we got two rocks out of it.  Great night.  Can't wait to see what comes up next.  Oh, as we were talking to the woman again, a little girl ran in, I'm positive that it was the little girl's body.  Oh well, what can't a resurection spell do?  Anyway, it was kind of odd, I don't think the spell worked right.  Two of her teeth were really pointy.  Anyway, after leaving the house the others were all chatting about vampires and such.  I didn't really follow the whole thing.  It was a little out of my knowledges.  Oh well, off to find the next stone. ~ Lan


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