Shining White

Shining White


The capital city of the Kingdom. Located in the center of the continent, on the edge of a great chasm where legend has a great dragon lives. Hundreds of years ago the continent was ruled by many small tribes. A great warrior made a deal with a dragon, Adelinda, and the two of them began conquering the tribes and uniting them into one kingdom. In exchange for the Adelinda's help, the king built a great palace around her lair so that no one could threaten her. A city soon grew around the palace, and because the palace was made entirely of marble the city was named Shining White. When the king grew old and needed an heir, the legend says that Adelinda bore him a son.  Eventually the Adelinda grew tired of mortals and retired to her lair to sleep, which is where she is rumored to currently be.


Ruling Noble: Victor DragonBlood

Type: Capital City

Alignment: Neutral Good

Gold Piece Limit: 50,000 gp

Assets: 58,870,000 gp



Human 25%
Dwarf 25%
Elf 25%
Halfling 10%
Gnome 10%
Other 5%



1. Tipsy Pixie Inn

2. Singing Lyre Inn

3. Tavern

4. Tavern

5. Tavern

6. Palace of White

7. Dragon Cliff








Olan of Palor

Shining White

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